Snow Leopard project in Himachal

Good news coming for lovers of Snow Leopard. The Kufri zoo (in state of Himachal Pradesh) authorities are awaiting the arrival of highly endangered #snowleopard from Darjeeling zoo. The Padmaja Naidu Park is offering a pair of snow leopard.

Only Uttrakhand, Sikkim and West Bengal boasts of this priceless treasure till now. Kufri was in news in 2004 when snow leopard Subhash and Sapna were brought there from Darjelling. But their breeding could not be initiated as they belonged to same bloodline.Sapna was from Spiti valley discovered by the locals way back then. Unfortunately, she died of disease in 2007.

This year Central govt has funded INR 5.15 crores for snow leopard conservation project. This program would take care of restoring the snow leopard’s habitat. The department is also monitoring the habitat, range and behavior of snow leopards in Spiti valley. As of now there are 28 of snow leopard in the Spiti valley.

Good time to see these Leopards in the Spiti Valley is in the month of February, as it is then that they come down to lower altitudes in search of food as higher altitudes lack prey in the winter months. Not a regular safari tour this one is for those willing to face the inclement weather, camp at high altitudes in the inclement weather, restricted food, no comforts and minus temperatures. Mental and physical preparations a must for this tour. And yes, though chances of Snow Leopard sightings are good, but no guarantees. It is the experience of tracking this Himalayan ghost which will remain with you for life. Our expert guides and trackers however will lead no stone unturned to make your mission successful.

We all await the arrival of the cubs in Himachal. Wanting to do a Snow Leopard Safari, write to us or see our Snow Leopard Tour on