Lions in the City

Asiatic Lions in and around Gir National Park seem to be happy in visiting the surrounding cities. So far it used to be one visit a week by a couple of Lions, but last week a big pride visited the city of Junagadh in the night. Their peaceful march through the city was recorded in the cctv on a street.

It is said that Gir has reached it’s sustainable capacity of Lion population. The apex court has ordered shifting of some Lions to a new sanctuary in the state of Madhya Pradesh, but the state of Gujrat does not seem to be happy about sharing the pride of their state. While considerable amount of money has been spent in making a home for Lions at Kuno Palpur Sanctuary, but Gujrat government has been averse to the idea on grounds like the state of MP is unable to take care of it’s Tigers so how will they take care of it’s Lions.

In an interesting development it is now noticed that Kuno Palpur which was awaiting Lions for last 5 years has now been taken over by Tigers who have migrated out of Ranthambhore National Park in search of territory. It is said that the population of Tigers in Ranthambhore is also over it’s capacity so it is but natural for the new sub adults to move out of the park in search of their own territory. Karauli sanctuary which is about 60kms from Ranthambhore has also reported sighting of 4 male Tigers which have moved out of Ranthambhore.

So it seems that the big cats are doing well lately in India. Credit surely must go to the Forest department, and i would say a percentage of credit will also go to increased domestic tourism in these parks, and awareness on the social media.