Drones to assist in Tiger Conservation in Indian National Parks

No longer it is Tiger vs Technology. It is Tigers with Technology now. Yes, finally technology will be used in Tiger Conservation in India.

When #Munna the legendary #Tiger from #KanhaNationalPark moved out from the #Jungle because of old age, everyone got worried for his safety. Where did Munna go? Was he involved in any conflict? Is Munna safe?

How do we track and conserve our Tigers in our open national parks? Or,

Did you hear about the missing Tiger “Jai” from #UmredKarandlaSanctuary?

Jai has suddenly disappeared from Umred Karandla Sanctuary. ┬áThe Forest department, NGO’s and many Volunteers are looking for him.

The social platforms went abuzz on what to do? Could technology be used to save the Tiger? When images of Jupiter from Junocrafts are available, then is it that tough to monitor Tigers? I don’t think so..do you?

If Drones were used earlier, Jai and Munna’s could have been tracked easily. When a Tiger goes missing it is a sad day in Tiger conservation. The Tiger lovers get distressed.

While i was thinking and writing, someone was planning and executing the same. Hence this morning i get to hear the good news of Drones to be used in Tiger Conservation in India. Is that not a heartening news for Tiger conservation?

After a successful trial of Drones in Panna National Park, the NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) is going ahead to use these devices to monitor Tigers in 5 more Tiger reserves of India.

These reserves are: Panna, Corbett, Sathyamangalam, Kaziranga and Sunderbans. Noteworthy is that these drones will be fitted with GPS devices, and state of the art cameras. They will be deployed within 6 months of getting clearances from Ministry of Defense in India. Clearances from the Home Ministry and the Environment Ministry is already in place. The Wildlife Institute of India is set to impart training to 3 biologists, and 3 engineers per drone. Once successfully implemented similar Drones will be used in other National parks.

Drone for Tiger Tiger conservation
Drone with Camera

Are these regular drones or any improvisations being done?

These are state of the art Drones, with night vision, faster speed, longer duration of flight, and good landing capacities.

So poachers watch out, because now it is no longer going to be a cake walk for you to take our Tigers away from us. We are serious to Save our Tigers.

Best Wishes

Sharad Vats