Why Nature Safari India?

“Experience is the best teacher”. We have over 28 years experience of doing safaris in the various national parks in India. Hence the ground intelligence of each national park, every zone, daily sightings, etc. is known to us just like the Tigress knows the whereabouts of her cubs all the time. This empowers us to put together a program that best fits the requirements of our guests. The presence of our representative in each destination ensures that the experience is seamless and memorable. We choose the wildlife lodges, resorts and hotels with utmost care keeping your comforts, food, ambiance, and service requirements. At no point in the tour will you feel alone, left out, or with inadequate information. Everything committed to you by us in writing will unfailingly be delivered. 

Videos by Mr John Uscian and Mr Bijal Shah


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African and Indian Safaris

Comparing the African and Indian safaris. Highlighting the key differences and similarities.

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Bird Photographic Safari

"There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before." - -

Early Morning with a Tigress

The phone rang at 0345hrs, "Sir, Good Morning, this is your wake up call". Thank you, I kept the phone down, turned to the other side and closed my

Safaris help to keep Lifestyle diseases at bay

All the lifestyle issues have a common denominator, namely, deficiency of natural life, most of the people today live an artificial life...let's see

Leopard Photographic Safari

The Leopard is probably the most successful of the predators. Their ability to adapt to different environments have resulted in categorizing them

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