Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

It will not be wrong to say that Kanha National Park has won a noble prize. Afterall, it inspired Rudyard Kipling to pen down Junglebook which paved way to for noble prize in literature. The experts have predicted, that if ever Tiger faces extinction, Kanha will be amongst the last strong foothold of Tigers. What is it about Kanha that makes it a perfect place for Tigers? To beginwith evergreen forest, lot of undergrowth that provides ambush. The rolling grasslands and meandering streams provide food for herbivores. If the prey has food, they stay put, and the predators follow. This 940 sq km of paradise is home to many Tigers, Leopards, Indian Gaur, Deers, Monkeys, Dholes, Jackals, voer 300 species of birds. Ccompared to many other parks, i (Sharad Vats) personally feel that tourism is well managed by the forest department of Kanha. If you are looking at a quality experience then this is a must visit park. The weather in Kanha is something you do not expect from a central Indian park. It will surprise you in peak of summers, the mornings will be nippy, and days pleasant under shade of a tree. The tall Sal trees do not allow the sun to touch the ground in a hurry.