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Our Team

I have believed in the very famous adage that says; "If one wants to go fast, then go alone, but if one wants to go far then go together". How true is that I was to discover soon.

Having to rewrite this piece for the new-look of the website makes me think of legendary Bruce Lee, who said, that "Time is life, and if you waste time, you waste life". I realize how quickly the time has flown, seems yesterday when I did my first safari and i started Nature Safari India. I gathered lot of enriching experience over these decades. Giving up a comfortable career working with Asia’s largest Hotel chain wasn’t easy, but I followed my heart, and decided to merge my passion and profession. As I walked on my wild side, I was joined by some eager, energetic, and very passionate team members. People who gave up their comfortable jobs for the love of Wildlife. Soon, from one man army we turned into a force to reckon with. The values we look in team members is foremost, concern for environment, care for fellow humans and all life forms on the planet, and integrity. We have never aimed to be big, but high and honest in our field of work.

You will interact with our office team either in New Delhi / Mumbai on your arrival or in some national park. Our guides and naturalists will share with you their encyclopedic information and experience during safaris.