Birding Trips India

Blessed with an incredible diversity of birds, environments and cultures India  offers an intense spectrum of avian riches to prospective birders. With more than 1300 species recorded in India, forty two are endemic, and almost righty are globally threatened. India hosts some 12.5% of the world's birds and nearly half of those of oriental region.  A serious birdwatcher will not have a respite of few minutes while outdoors, any tree he looks at, the street light wires and poles, in the fields while driving on highways, near rivers, drains, and settlements while journeying in a train, everywhere you see birds of different sizes, colors, and calls. Simultaneously we have sites, and sanctuaries for the amateur bird watchers to convert them into serious bird watchers. Places like Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary, can even get a novice interested in birds. Variety to choose from can be spoiling, from HImalayan region, to dessert, to marshes, to swamps, riverine, and woodland birds, the list is endless. 

Some off-beat destinations mixed with the must do makes this programme unique. Keetham lake, Sur Sarovar, Bharatpur, and Chambal will satiate your

India opens the plethora of colours, culture, visuals, beauty, wildlife and gateway to very different realm for the photographers.

There is untamed life on the land and then there are the Birds who rule the skies. This itinerary brings you to the best of both from the land of the

Very Few Itineraries would offer you such rich experience. Wildlife woven in culture, history and quest of knowledge.

It is Monday morning and you are getting ready for the meeting. Outside your room Elephant is all set to take you across the river.