Photographic Expeditions

There are occassions on a safari, when you sight a Tiger and the camera stops functioning, or your memory cards go full, or two Elephants lock their trunks, and your angle is not right, direction of light is against you. There are three important aspects here, you and your equipment, the animal you are photographing, and us. While no guarantees on how the animal will show up from which direction, but our guides and drivers will still anticipate the same and get you the best possible position to take a shot of your life. If you wish to hire some serious equipment, like the tele lenses or high end cameras we can assist you on the same. You need not carry the tripods, gimble heads etc, all this can be organised on chargeable basis for you. We will also provide you assistance to carry your equipment if you so desire during the ardous Snow Leopards expeditions, or when you are walking during a birding safari. We will provide take you to right places, at right time of the year, with right guides, all you will be required to do is CLICK.

You would start the trip from culturally rich Kolkata to mighty delta basin of Sunderbans. Watch Bagurumba in Manas and meet Mighty 5 of Kaziranga.

India opens the plethora of colours, culture, visuals, beauty, wildlife and gateway to very different realm for the photographers.

How many times you have found yourself lost in the daily rut. Deep desire to know the answers of your roots.

A perfect tour to experience the central India highlands. The tour will guide you towards the extension range of Satpura range of northwest region in

This itinerary is specially designed for wild life enthusiasts who would like to go over the edge to view the magnificent beauty of a Snow Leopard.

This Itinerary is carefully woven with modern Indian History and wide expanse of Wildlife. Know more about Gandhi ji and his time spent in River

A land of infinite charm with breath taking views of Kanchanjunga, bewildering variety of flora and fauna, colourful festivals, bush green tea