Tiger Trips

In a country of 1.3 billion people and half a billion cattle, it is no less than a wonder as to how the apex predator of the sub-continent has thrived well. Many factors contribute to this. The seeds and efforts of the forest dpeartment over the decades have germinated, and the result is there for the world to see. 


This implies that your chances of Tiger sightings have considerably improved. Having said that, it is still important that you choose the right people to travel with. Team, or an organisation who knows the areas like back of their hands. And it is not only knowing the areas, it is knowing the local community, the local flora and fauna as well. Only then will you get full value for your money.


We organise Tiger tours to popular parks, and the less touristy parks as well. For a first timer a mix of popular and less touristy park is recommended. The tours to popular parks are for those who wish to see their first Tiger in the wild, and to the later for those who have seen Tigers, and now wish to spend more leisure time with Tigers in the wild. Though a Tiger sighting is never guaranteed and we believe that one must do a safari with an open mind, and enjoy the various Tiger reserves of India in totality, and at some point in time the Tiger will show up. With my (Sharad Vats) 25 years experience of doing safaris in India, i can assure you that there is only one Tiger expert, Tiger himself. Hence no guarantees of a Tiger sighting, but full committment that we will give our 100% to make it worthwhile for you. 

This itinerary is best done from November till March. In this programme you will get to drive through India, on highways, and stateways. The idea

Tiger, Tribes and Wilderness tour was specially designed for people who have realized that Tribal and culture thrives best in the nature’s

You would start the trip from culturally rich Kolkata to mighty delta basin of Sunderbans. Watch Bagurumba in Manas and meet Mighty 5 of Kaziranga.

The ultimate itinerary for a tiger lover. This Itinerary revolves around the Tiger and its habitat which can be marked on the map. Bandhavgarh,

Some off-beat destinations mixed with the must do makes this programme unique. Keetham lake, Sur Sarovar, Bharatpur, and Chambal will satiate your

A perfect fusion of experience and expertise. Taj an institution and an expert in Indian Hospitality, while Nature Safari India is one of the most

This itinerary is ideal for the first timers to India or first time to Indian wildlife. One thing for sure – You would get to see the best of

India opens the plethora of colours, culture, visuals, beauty, wildlife and gateway to very different realm for the photographers.

WIsh to study the histoy of the Tiger habitat, then this tour is for you. It revolves around the destinations where history and Tigers have moved

There is untamed life on the land and then there are the Birds who rule the skies. This itinerary brings you to the best of both from the land of the

How many times you have found yourself lost in the daily rut. Deep desire to know the answers of your roots.

A perfect tour to experience the central India highlands. The tour will guide you towards the extension range of Satpura range of northwest region in

Indian subcontinent has diversity as its middle name. From coral reefs to parched deserts – from endless coast line to mighty Himalyas

Come and fall fall in love in love with Himalyas – Wildlife of India and Nepal would offer you to sit in the laps of the mightiest mountains

Very Few Itineraries would offer you such rich experience. Wildlife woven in culture, history and quest of knowledge.

This itinerary gives you an opportunity to experience the celebrity parks of India.

If the tiger ever stands still, the elephant will crush him with his mighty tusks. But the tiger will not stand still.

This itinerary provides chance to see Asia's Big 5 in your Life. You can safely tick mark at one point in 100 things to do before I die list.

A compact and highly focused itinerary in the Tiger capital of India. From evergreen sal forests of Kanha, to teak forests of Pench

We call this itinerary - jewel of itineraries for Tiger enthusiasts. Tadoba is amongst the latest parks on the itinerary of the Tiger lovers, but

If you are a Big Cat fan then there is no better tour for you than this one. Only one cat species has gone extinct in India, i.e. the Cheetah, rest

A tour which will give you a taste of the rich wildlife of the subcontinent. You can see the famous and beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra. The Forts and