Early Morning with a Tigress

Early Morning With A Tigress

The phone rang at 0345hrs, "Sir, Good Morning, this is your wake up call". Thank you, I kept the phone down, turned to the other side and closed my eyes, a guilt took over, and the thought that this is Maya (illusion), keeping me in bed, keeping me away from something good to happen today soon took over, and putting my mind over mattress, I jumped out of the bed. In about 30 minutes I was sitting in the Jeep to take me to Mukki gate at 0415hrs. One hour wait in the Jeep, but I utilize this time in going for a walk near the gate area, and in my mind rehearsing my do and don'ts of photography. To be first in the line to ensure that your vehicle is right ahead of other vehicles when the park gates open has its own advantages.

Our gentle cruise started towards Kanha zone, entered the silent Mukki zone, fresh air, fresh hope, and a new sunrise was about to happen. Seeing the Sunrise from Saundhar camp we proceeded towards kanha zone, crossing over form Zila line, Naktighati, and into Kanha zone. Suddenly my friend in the Jeep spotted the fresh pugmarks, we entered into the nullah of Bison road, and my friend said, "Tiger". Only about 15 feet away, drinking water merrily, this young cub a bit less than 2 years was totally at peace. We parked ourselves, and out came the cameras to capture those beautiful moments, and the first thought that came into my mind was, " No wonder, Maya tried stopping me, had I stopped, perhaps would have missed this beautiful Tigress. Took few shots, and we decided to move out of the Nullah and position ourselves at a place from where we should be able to get some good shots. Few minutes, and the young Tigress was out in the open, about 50 metres away from us, and walking parallel to the road. She did not even give a glance to the equipment which was capturing her movements, in her own mind, with her own agenda she walked few metres before settlingin the tall grass of Kanha maidan.

Indeed,it's a Good Morning with a Tigress 

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