Tiger Safari in Ranthambhore

Tiger Safari In Ranthambhore

Tiger safari in Ranthambhore by Kabir Shah

To introduce Kabir briefly, he is a teenager who has been doing safaris in various national parks for over 6 years now. At an age when most of the kids prefer to be playing on ipads, or busy on social media, he chose Jungles for his explorations and engagements.

Kabir Shah

There is a purpose behind his safaris, to know nature, wildlife, and importantly Tigers. The last teenager who was so focussed at a young age was Sachin Tendulkar. I see similar traits in this young boy. Kabir is all about focus, fondness, and fortitude.

Kabir visited Ranthambhore National Park in May 2017. What he encountered in those 5 days, is something that surprised him as well. His record of all his previous safaris in various national parks of India stands shattered. Whether it was his safaris in Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Dudhwa, Pilibhit, Corbett, Umred, Tipeshwar, and Ranthambhore itself, all overshadowed by this amazing visit to Ranthambhore.

Not only he saw Tigers but he was able to photograph them on all the outings.

T 57 in Ranthambhore National Park


I am listing down his successful safaris note put together by him:

8th- morning drive:

8th- morning drive: T60 and 3 cubs (2 males, 1 female around 1.5 yrs old) walking on the road for more than 40 minutes in zone 2. We were the only car for the first 30 mins.
Evening drive: Cubs of T60 at the same place.

9th- morning drive: Lightening in zone 4 stalking a Nilgai (unsuccessful attempt) and then waking on the road.

Half day drive:

Cubs of T60 coming out of a waterhole in zone 2 and walking towards their kill in the peak afternoon heat.
At the same time we were surprised to see T57 coming from the same direction and heading for the kill. He walked on the road, moaning and snarling at us. He took the cubs’ scent all along the way and also marked his own territory. After eating the left overs of the kill he walked back towards the waterhole. T60 and her cubs were already in the waterhole and T57 settled down in the other pool at the back side. We Also saw arrow head and T91 male in zone 3.

T 60 with her cubs

10th- morning drive:

T10th- morning drive: We sighted T57 male head on in zone 2 while entering near the step well. Also saw T60 and cubs at the same place and Noor’s one cub.
Evening drive: T57 near the main fort road before zone 2 entry point. He was not disturbed by people ciming from the temple and viewing him on foot from the road. Also sighted Noor and one cub at the same place. Saw a female leopard while leaving.


10th- morning drive: Arrow head sleeping in a nallah in zone 3.
Evening: Noor and 3 cubs in zone 2 and a female leopard on a full grown chital kill near the same location.

12th- morning: Arrow head in zone 3 stalking and then walking down to Padam talao.
Saw a caracal at ‘High point’.

Half day: Saw Noor’s weak female cub at the same spot in zone 2 without the rest of the family. Seemed like she was not being able to keep up with them. Saw Arrow head again in zone 3 while leaving.

His notes on various other national parks will also be available shortly.

Best wishes to him, and India Wildlife.

Sharad Vats




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    Unforgettable experience,excellent description.Enjoyed fully.Thanks Kabir.

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