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"Comparing the African and Indian safaris. Highlighting the key differences and similarities."

"Currently, Collarwali walks the jungles of Pench Tiger Reserve raising her new litter contributing to the tiger population, a special shout out to the forest department for their"

"It was a moment I had never witnessed over the last 25 years of safaris in Indian national parks, and one that I probably won't, hereafter. During my the latter part of my visit"

"Little did people know in 1968 when a national park was being formed in an unknown district, adjoining a small village as to what will be the fate of this park. Over the years"

"Following is the account by Naren Malik, a naturalist working in Kanha National park since 2006. Naren chose to work in Kanha for love of Kanha. Not for money, not for Tigers"

"At the onset i must apologize for my emotional outburst in this note. No one is to blame here, definitely not the forest department, for they are doing their best in the given"

"Is it possible to do a Tiger Safari in India during the monsoons time in India? A commonly asked question, as not everyone knows that some parts of the national parks are closed"

"I have been studying and watching Tigers for over 29 years now. What i had not seen i had read, and what i had not read i had seen about the Tiger. But what unraveled on my last"

"Important points to note before going for safaris in the National Parks of India If travelling with friends and family be as silent as possible. Listen to the Jungle, it has a"

"When my journey in wilderness commenced in 1989, i had no clue what lay ahead of me. Initially the idea was to see the Tiger in the wild. Gradually i wanted to see various aspects"

"Safari in Jim Corbett National Park is mandatory if you are a Wildlife lover. There are many parks which are good for birds, for Tigers, and landscapes. But Jim Corbett is one"

"I was in Bandhavgarh National Park in October 2017, and had some really brilliant Tiger sightings there. It was then that i thought of taking out some time and driving two hours"

"There is a lot of anxiety in the heart and minds of safari lovers about what could have transpired in the national parks when they were closed for monsoons. I addressed this query"

"It is that time of the year when the national parks are about to open and Tiger Safaris are about to begin. There is considerable anxiety in the minds of true nature enthusiasts,"

"Below is the Kanha Safari Review; Season 2016-2017 being done by Naren Malik. To tell you briefly about him, Naren is an avid Kanha lover. Having started his career in Kanha in"

"Tiger Safari in Kanha; this is a report by Kabir Shah, the young wildlife connoisseur. His numerous visits to Kanha over the years have been extraordinary for reasons beyond"

"Not many have seen the Tigers fight in a Jungle. At times one feels that he is lucky to see one, at times you feel that you should not have seen one. Two beautiful powerful"

"Safari in Jim Corbett National Park It was that usual time of the year when i go and see the new resorts / lodges that come up around the national parks. So packed off to the"

"Tiger safari in Ranthambhore by Kabir Shah To introduce Kabir briefly, he is a teenager who has been doing safaris in various national parks for over 6 years now. At an age when"

"It was in September 2016 that I wrote of the The Big Four Tigers of Mukki in Kanha. These Tigers had attracted the attention of all the Tiger lovers worldwide in the last 3 years."

"Is it true? Yes, it is true, and speaks volumes about the efforts by the forest department in conserving Tigers and wildlife in Kanha. While many talk about the number of Tigers"

"First and foremost never go towards the forest on foot or in a vehicle if it is prohibited. There are gates from where all tourists vehicles enter. Use only the authorised gates"

"At the onset let me warn everyone that a Tiger is a perfect killing machine. So the best way to fight him is, not to fight him. This is a note from some personal past experiences,"

"Tigers of Kanha are known to be big in size. And, i am putting my neck on the block by making such a statement. But having observed Tigers for close to 28 years in many nationals"

"Once you have finalized the national park you wish to visit, the next big question is how to find good accommodation in national parks of India. Where to stay? The average length"

"Rajaram (Kingfisher) 2010-2016 The inevitable has happened, the unprecedented has ended. It was building up for a little over last 2 years. Rajaram, a.k.a Kingfisher's body was"

"It pains me to write this note. A man eater Tigress of Corbett who apparently killed two men in Ramnagar near Corbett National Park was finally tracked and shot by the forest"

"Next time you are doing a Jeep Safari in Bandhavgarh remember you can identify the Tigers yourself. In a first of it's kind the forest department of Bandhavgarh National Park has"

"Ranthambhore National Park is an ideally located national park in India. Taj, Temples and Tigers is considered quintessential India experience. Ranthambhore provides the Tiger,"

"Kanha national park in central India is starting Night Safaris in the buffer zone. Only time will tell if this is a good, bad or an ugly decision. Let us not jump the gun in"

"A survey is underway since October 2016 in the river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh to ascertain the number of Ganges Dolphin. It is being carried our in two phases. One from Bijnor"

"I am beginning to feel for the soul of Panna National Park. It has already suffered a lot. In 2008 Panna lost all it's Tigers to poachers. Panna became a closed chapter for many."

"Safaris in the National Parks of India opened after the monsoon break with some amazing Tiger sightings. As we all know that the Tiger reserves in India close during the monsoons,"

"An unprecedented story has been developing in the Mukki zone of Kanha National Park. Mukki was never known for male Tigers. It was mostly home to Tigresses with cubs and some odd"

"There is a lot of history hidden in the forests of Bandhavgarh. The Bandhavgarh Fort inside the national park is considered over 2000 years old. There is a mention of the"

"Whenever you go to a National Park, apart from safaris, keep aside a day to know the ecology, the economy, and the electorate of the area. This will make your tour far more"

"This is to inform all safari lovers of central India parks that online safari bookings for season starting 1st October are opening today. Bookings are available to be done for the"

"NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) and WII (Wildlife Institute of India) have decided to set up a Tiger cell for Tiger conservation in the campus of WII in Dehradun."

"Most of the people go to a National Park for a Tiger sighting. Whether they might succeed in photographing a Tiger or not, but the Tiger sighting remains embedded in the memories"

""Tiger Population to double by 2022 in India", an awesome statement by our Environment Minister on the International Day of the Tiger. Well, only the time will tell if this"

"For the First time...Tiger and Snow Leopard at the same altitude in India..Is the Safari on? Absolutely true...a Tiger camera trapped at the altitude of Snow Leopards. Is the duel"

"Changes in the tourism policies in Madhya Pradesh NP's, i.e. Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench and Panna National Parks done by the forest management. Listing the most important changes"

"Doing #Tiger #Safari in India for the first time? Yes, then first things first, have you chosen the top Tiger #National #Parks you wish to visit? No, then please go through this"

"Many tourists have no idea about the concept of premium zones. So this is the most frequently asked questions by all of them visiting Bandhavgarh and Kanha. I thought of penning"

"There is a growing worry in the Forest department in Chandrapur. Too many Tigers in Tadoba region. How this happened is secondary. Need of the hour is corrective action. Hence the"

"It was month of June, i thought of making a quick tour to Satpura National Park in Madhya Pradesh. I boarded the Shatabdi train from New Delhi at 6am to Bhopal. Comfortable train"

"Kanha National Park opened on 1st October, and my first safari was on the 2nd. After roaming for around two hours we were having breakfast in Sondar camp. My guide heard a frantic"

"Bandhavgarh National Park has been popular with the tourists as it provides excellent Tiger sightings consistently. Like every year the nature of the Tiger i.e. intense"

"Indian Wildlife pleasantly surprises many. We have 16% of world population living in less than 1% land mass of this planet. The bio-mass pressure of the human and cattle"

"Which are the Top 3 Tiger National Parks of India? Simple question with a no so simple answer. What you find below is my choice based on 27 years of doing safaris in India. The"

"Doing a safari is not economical any longer. One spends substantial resources in doing the same. They say, that taking good photographs add value to your safari. The below points"

"Few years back one could reach the national park without a booking and do a safari. There was no requirement of any advance Tiger safari booking. But times have changed now. Now,"

"'By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail'-Benjamin Franklin. Very apt lines for all travelers by a wise man. India is a diverse nation with equally diverse weather. While"

"A very important, and an often asked question to me by almost all guests wanting to do safaris in India. is 'When is a good time to see Tigers in India. My answer is', Depends on"

"Few years back with manual cameras, and film rolls not everyone was keen to get into Wildlife photography. It was like golf, an art or a passion for the elusive. Not everyone"

"Tracking predators in the Indian National Parks requires a lot of experience. The veteran drivers an guides know their national park well. But even that is not enough at times. It"

"It was in 1996 that I first visited #Bandhavgarh National Park. We went on an Elephant to see the Tigers in the bush. A Tigress with two cubs was sitting in a bush near the"

"Tiger Photography is not just lifting your camera when you sight a Tiger, and pressing the click button. It is not only about understanding light, or understanding your equipment,"

"This was my 42nd safari in Dudhwa National Park, in less then 6 months. During the safari we reached Bankey Taal, the hotspot of Dudhwa National Park. This is one place where you"

"Kanha National Park is very special and a Tiger sighting in Mukki will compel you to think, what is more beautiful Kanha as a park, or Tiger in Kanha? I was doing an evening"

"I had heard a lot about the efforts of a man named Ratan Lal, in the village of #Kheechan (Rajasthan. Apparently he had started conserving the #Demoiselle #Cranes. To keep himself"

""Good Morning Sir, this is your wake up call". It was 4.30am, my last safari of this visit to Kanha. After five blank safaris, a thought crossed should I just relax today as I"

"Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden jewel over shadowed by it's elder cousin #Corbett National Park. A part of #Terai #Arc #Landscape this park is as easy to reach as Corbett."

"After a long drive from Delhi we reached Dudhwa on 14th Nov by lunch to do safaris. The Park was to open on 15th November. The thrill of being amongst the first vehicles when the"

"Visiting Dudhwa National Park, please do take out time to do a safari in Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary. Located about 30kms from Dudhwa, this sanctuary is very different to Dudhwa."

"On my first game drive in Tadoba, my safari guide Chirag asked me if I was excited to see Tigers in Tadoba. I had just been to Bandhavgarh and Kanha in my India Wildlife Safari"

"When East Africans meet, they often greet one another with the phrase "Habari za safari?", which translates as "How was your journey?" Indeed, the word safari is Swahili for"

"For first timers traveling for safaris in India, it is important they understand how the safaris in national parks of India operate. What types of vehicles, and what are the"

"While you are planning a safari in the National Parks of India it is important to know when the parks are closed? Which day of the week? Or any festivals when the national parks"

"The national parks in India are very remotely located, except a couple of them, which are located close to a big town. Infact the towns which are close to these handful of"

"Which is the best national park to see Tigers in India? This is the first question asked by almost all tourists who want to see the Tiger in the wilds of India. The answer to this"

"There are two kind of safari vehicles used in the National Parks of India. One is the Jeeps which usually seat upto 6 people max, or an safari buses which seat from 10-20 people."

"Eagerly awaited by all Tiger lovers, and photographers,Bandhavgarh National Park reopened after the monsoon break. Not exactly a house full kind of opening, but the main reason"

"First week of October is a very crucial week for all Tiger lovers in India. They eagerly await the re-opening of the national parks after the three long month closure due to"