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"On my first game drive in Tadoba, my safari guide Chirag asked me if I was excited to see Tigers in Tadoba. I had just been to Bandhavgarh and Kanha in my India Wildlife Safari"

"When East Africans meet, they often greet one another with the phrase "Habari za safari?", which translates as "How was your journey?" Indeed, the word safari is Swahili for"

"For first timers traveling for safaris in India, it is important they understand how the safaris in national parks of India operate. What types of vehicles, and what are the"

"While you are planning a safari in the National Parks of India it is important to know when the parks are closed? Which day of the week? Or any festivals when the national parks"

"The national parks in India are very remotely located, except a couple of them, which are located close to a big town. Infact the towns which are close to these handful of"

"Which is the best national park to see Tigers in India? This is the first question asked by almost all tourists who want to see the Tiger in the wilds of India. The answer to this"

"There are two kind of safari vehicles used in the National Parks of India. One is the Jeeps which usually seat upto 6 people max, or an safari buses which seat from 10-20 people."

"Eagerly awaited by all Tiger lovers, and photographers,Bandhavgarh National Park reopened after the monsoon break. Not exactly a house full kind of opening, but the main reason"

"First week of October is a very crucial week for all Tiger lovers in India. They eagerly await the re-opening of the national parks after the three long month closure due to"