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"Doing a safari is not economical any longer. One spends substantial resources in doing the same. They say, that taking good photographs add value to your safari. The below points"

"Few years back one could reach the national park without a booking and do a safari. There was no requirement of any advance Tiger safari booking. But times have changed now. Now,"

"'By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail'-Benjamin Franklin. Very apt lines for all travelers by a wise man. India is a diverse nation with equally diverse weather. While"

"A very important, and an often asked question to me by almost all guests wanting to do safaris in India. is 'When is a good time to see Tigers in India. My answer is', Depends on"

"Few years back with manual cameras, and film rolls not everyone was keen to get into Wildlife photography. It was like golf, an art or a passion for the elusive. Not everyone"