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""There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before." - - Robert Lynd A bird does not"

"The phone rang at 0345hrs, "Sir, Good Morning, this is your wake up call". Thank you, I kept the phone down, turned to the other side and closed my eyes, a guilt took over, and"

"All the lifestyle issues have a common denominator, namely, deficiency of natural life, most of the people today live an artificial life...let's see what we eat, how many things"

"The Leopard is probably the most successful of the predators. Their ability to adapt to different environments have resulted in categorizing them into different races. There are"

"Challenger - "A tribute to the Heartthrob of Bandhavgarh" It was 5pm in the evening, Jagat the resident naturalist of Tiger Den Bandhavgarh was with some clients in the park"

"It was 6am on 2nd April 2005, Ientered the gate of Bandhavgarh National Park, sitting with my driver cum naturalist Sanjay in a 4X4 wheel drive open Suzuki vehicle. Along with me"

"On National Highway No 37, at 5pm. My driver stopped the car and said "Sir, Rhino", I was in slumber after a long drive from Guhawati, but his 2 words were enough to shake me out"

"Today was an unusual morning. It was 1st January 2010. I entered the Mukki gate. Few moments inside the park, and my mind had a bizarre reflection. We celebrate New Year, make new"

"The chilly winters of Kanha demotivates most of the robust hearts to not to leave the comforts of a quilt at Chitvan and move out for the morning safari. The priceless sensation"

"It was that time of the year when my soul desired for some peace, some solitude. I packed my camera equipment and set out to Kanha National Park. My overnight train reached"

"It has been a fantastic season for me and all the tourists who have visited Kanha. After around 350 drives in this season, I would say this was a season full of cats ! All four"

""Movement of bears in Dachigam landscape is largely governed by the availability of food. We have seen bear congregation at few sites in Dachigam National Park when surplus food"

"On 22nd September 2015, The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh (and Chairman of the State's Wildlife Board) cleared the Ken-Betwa River Linking project despite strong protests from"

"A new group of wildlife DNA forensics scientists from Southeast Asia has gathered for the first time to discuss boosting the use of DNA as an enforcement technique in the fight"

"India is likely to announce its national climate action plan as early as Wednesday, after the Cabinet puts its seal of approval at its weekly meeting. India's intended nationally"

"WASHINGTON: US has offered to help India in the country's efforts to track and protect Bengal tigers, as the two countries seek to strengthen collaboration in wildlife"

"The first-ever national leopard census has put the spotted cat population at 7,910 in and around tiger habitats across India, except the northeastern parts. The leopard count was"