Reni Pani Lodge

Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

Reni Pani Lodge in Satpura National Park is a pleasant surprise. If you are true wildlife lover, then this is your kind of Lodge. Certain unique issues here are the activities they organise. The battery of their naturalists keeps you buys from dawn till dusk, infact beyond dusk as well, as they organise the night safaris which are legally permitted in the buffer zone of Satpura. Just 12 beautifully designed and located cottages, there is something for everyone here. For someone seeking seclusion there are two cottages atop a hillock, for a family there is an interconnecting cottage. What amazed me here was the delicious food prepared by the Chefs here. There cookies are something to die for. The naturalists sit with you over the meals, answer your questions regarding wildlife or Satpura. Best part if Aly Rashid, the owner, and a friend now, who's energy is visible in this vibrant place. They also have camera traps to observe the wildlife coming in their camp, i was happy to be shown the pugmarks of the Leopard who visited the camp in the night.