The Courtyard House

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

The Courtyard House is a perfectly done homestay by a pioneer, Neelesh Agarwal. He initially owned and operated Krishna Jungle Resort, and then decided to start another nouvelle concept in Kanha. Peaceful location just behind the Kanha National Park, it is a small hamlet which has everything you want in a remote place like Kanha. Very big rooms, and equally big bathrooms, massive windows overlooking the farming fields and the distant forest. You will not be bored by the constant chirping of the many species of birds who have also made Courtyard House their home. The multiple dining locations will provide you different views, and a unique experience, be it on the terrace, or next to the pool, overlooking the forest or in your own private courtyard. Just six rooms, and few staff to make it very comfortable. Being an old hand in this Neelesh, has organised the operations and safaris very meticulously. Minimal staff invasion in your space, and maximum output seems to be the focus. My personal compliments to Neelesh for such a wonderful set up.