Safaris help to keep Lifestyle diseases at bay

Safaris Help To Keep Lifestyle Diseases At Bay

All the lifestyle issues have a common denominator, namely, deficiency of natural life, most of the people today live an artificial life...let's see what we eat, how many things we eat are natural, and how many processed? How much time do we spend outdoors, do we really take enough of sun? Do we not know that sun gives us Vitamin D and if this Vitamin is low in us, we are sitting ducks for all lifestyle matters including the dreaded cancer. When was it last that you touched a tree bark, when was it last that you closed your eyes and inhaled to your lungs satisfaction...when was it last that you looked at the sky, stars, moon, sun, okay if all this is very far when was it that you felt Mother Earth on your palms? In short there is a huge deficiency of Vitamin N (nature).

Now, coming back to how safaris can cure you of your lifestyle diseases. First things first, all safaris begin at sunrise which means you need to get up before sunrise and be ready. So waking up early means increasing you body metabolism, if you wake up early you start burning calories early. Then getting out in an open safari vehicle early morning, seeing the sunrise, breathing in fresh oxygen, taking direct sun..all these will add to a healthy living. By the end of the day having done two safaris are tiring enough for you keep awake beyond 10pm. Now, the age old adage comes into picture, i.e. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Try doing safaris for just 4 days at a go, and you will see that you start getting up early, and fresh. Staying in remote lodges or resorts without access to daily dosage of televisions, internet, newspapers, you are basically cutting yourself up from lot of tension and unwarranted information.. Hence I recommend safaris as a medication to be taken atleast thrice a year. (TDS)


Early Morning with a Tigress...

Leopard Photographic Safari...

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  1. Jogi P  |  says:

    Vitamin N (nature) :). It was really innovative

    July 09, 2019 at 05:02 PM

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