The Taj, Tiger, and Bird Safari of India

This itinerary is best done from November till March. In this programme you will get to drive through India, on highways, and stateways. The idea behind this road journey is that you see lot of birds in the farming lands, while the farmers are busy ploughing and sowing the wheat crop, the birds follow the farmers to feed on the insects coming out form the fields. Seeing the tall Sarus cranes while driving on a highway might not surprise you, but what will surprise surely is the comfort level of these birds. Our driver would stop the vehicle should you so desire to observe these Cranes, or egrets from close quarters. As the breeding would have just happenned and the chicks would be small hence the need for frequesnt feeding gets them to farms. You might be surprised that you get to see lot of birds outside the bird sanctuaries. Visit to Bharatpur, Ranthambhore, and Dudhwa will further expose you to another 600 different species. Visit to India is not complete if you have not taken a selfie with the Taj Mahal and feel numb when you sight your first Tiger in the wild in Ranthambhore.11
Package Duration : 15 Days/14 Nights
Destination : India